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The D71PXi-24 bulldozer utilizes intelligent Machine Control 2.0 a GNSS system that automatically controls the blade to 3-dimensional design data. Machine Control 2.0 utilizes the industry’s first Proactive Dozing Control logic, lift layer control, quick surface creation, and tilt steering control.

A two-antenna system supporting multiple GNSS, which provides less downtime and more work time. These added features make for improved production and efficiency.

The Benefits of a D71PXi Bulldozer with iMC 2.0

Quick surface creation

Operators can create a temporary design surface with the press of a button. Designed to simplify in-field surface creation within the control box, it allows for more utilization of iMC 2.0.

Tilt steering control

The blade automatically tilts under a heavy load to maintain a straight line of travel, to help optimize productivity throughout each pass and reduce operator fatigue.

Lift layer control

Advance earthwork productivity and maintain compaction quality by automatically controlling lifts to the desired heights with respect to the mapped terrain. Excess fill is eliminated as automatic blade control will follow finish surface once lifts have reached finish grade.

Proactive dozing control

Operators can utilize automatic blade control from rough grading to finish grading work. Proactive dozing control understands the terrain in the path of each cut, maximizes the blade load throughout the pass, regardless of the terrain ahead, and achieves productivity similar to that of an experienced operator.

PAT Dozer with Adjustable Pitch

A power angle power tilt dozer blade with adjustable blade pitch system is available. This blade is available for the D71EX/EXi/PX/PXi-24 machines. The hydraulic blade tilt, angling function (and manually adjustable blade pitch) add versatility and productivity in a variety of applications.

D71PXi Dozer Information Sheet

For more information on how the D71PXi bulldozer and iMC (Intelligent Machine Control) 2.0 can be applied to your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 23200 Kg
Horsepower 179kW
Blade Capacity 4.65m³