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The D155A bulldozer boasts power and efficiency, backed by over 40 tonnes of weight and high-performance technology. This dozer is suitable for a wide range of applications, including civil construction, agriculture, waste management and other sectors.

Notable D155A Bulldozer Features

Automatic gearshift mode

The mode for general dozing. When a load is applied, the gear automatically shifts down, and when the load is off, it automatically shifts up to a set maximum gear speed. This mode automatically selects the optimum gear speed.

Manual gearshift mode

The mode for dozing and ripping rough ground. When loaded, the gear automatically shifts down but does not shift up when the load is off.

Field-proven Low-drive, Rigid Type Undercarriage

This dozer’s unique low-drive undercarriage features less shoe slippage compared with other types of undercarriage. The undercarriage follows the ground firmly for increased drawbar pull. Large strengthened shoes have been proven to be highly durable in various job sites all over the world.

Automatic Transmission with Torque Converter

Greater power train efficiency is achieved by the new automatic gearshift transmission. The automatic gearshift transmission selects the optimal gear range depending on the working conditions and load placed on the machine. This means the machine is always operating at maximum efficiency (Manual gearshift mode is selectable with a switch).

D155A Ripper performance

Ripper cylinders are reduced from four to two, greatly improving rear visibility during ripping. Also, expanded ripper movement offers a wider range of operation. Komatsu has designed the ripper to handle hard rock with a reinforced beam and a shank. The tilt angle of the ripper point is adjustable for better penetration and fragmentation.

For more information on the D155A bulldozer and how it can boost productivity on your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 41,700Kg
Horsepower 268kW
Blade Capacity 9.4m³