Xi5P6Move heavy loads in soft or wet conditions with the D65PXi bulldozer. The D65PXi’s long track/low ground pressure offers outstanding flotation and extended wear life undercarriage with the 36” wide Parallel Link Undercarriage System (PLUS) rotating bushing track shoes.

Machine logic allows the dozer to continuously learn the terrain and make calculated decisions for the next pass. Intelligent Machine Control helps lessen the skill gap between new and experienced operators.

The Benefits of a D65PXi Bulldozer with iMC

Improved efficiency

The fully automatic modes drastically improve the efficiency of dozer operations and dramatically reduce re-do work within your project. Operators can now control their fill layers with automatic control giving you total control of your layer quality across your entire job. Intelligent machine control technology helps even less experienced operators perform top-quality work.

Automatic dozing from start to finish

While high-precision finish grading can be achieved by dozers with a conventional control system, the D65PXi can also perform rough dozing in automatic mode. When rough dozing, the fully automatic blade control monitors blade load and then adjusts blade elevation, to minimise track slip and, maximising productivity keeping your blade full all day long for high-efficiency dozing. Blade control adjusts to provide finish grade performance with high-level precision.

Cab top GNSS antenna

No more worries about blade-mounted antennas or cables. The cab top GNSS antenna on your D65PXi reduces the risk of damage and theft.

Intuitive selectable load settings

The D65PXi dozer uses Machine control load settings to adjust between presets and tailor a response to material conditions. From dry loose sandy soils to wet heavy clay materials, system performance can be targeted accordingly.

For more information on how the D65PXi bulldozer and iMC (Intelligent Machine Control) can be applied to your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 23,570Kg
Horsepower 162kW
Blade Capacity 4.4m³