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The Komatsu WA500-7 is a robust and versatile wheel loader designed for optimal performance and efficiency. This model boasts advanced technology and engineering, making it a top choice for heavy-duty tasks in various industries.

Engine and Power

The WA500-7 runs on a Komatsu SAA6D140E-6 engine, delivering 263 kW (353 horsepower). This Tier 4 interim certified engine ensures powerful performance while reducing emissions. Komatsu SmartLoader Logic optimizes torque based on the load, enhancing fuel efficiency.

Operating Performance

Featuring a high lift boom design, the WA500-7 provides increased dumping clearance and improved reach. With a maximum operating weight of approximately 34,650 kilograms, it handles large volumes of material efficiently. Its bucket capacity ranges from 4.5 to 5.2 cubic meters.

Advanced Hydraulics

The WA500-7 comes with an advanced hydraulic system that ensures precise control and quick response. A variable displacement piston pump and closed-center load sensing system adjust hydraulic flow based on operational needs, leading to smoother and more efficient operations, especially in demanding conditions.

Comfort and Safety

The WA500-7 prioritizes operator comfort and safety. The spacious cab features an ergonomic layout, adjustable seats, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility. An advanced monitoring system provides real-time data on machine performance and alerts the operator to any potential issues.

Maintenance and Durability

The WA500-7 is designed for easy maintenance and long-term durability. Centralized service points and extended service intervals reduce downtime and maintenance costs. The robust frame and high-quality components ensure the machine withstands harsh working conditions and delivers reliable performance over its lifespan.


The Komatsu WA500-7 excels in construction, mining, and material handling applications. Its powerful performance, versatility, and advanced features make it an excellent choice for operators seeking a reliable and efficient wheel loader.

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Weight 34,650Kg
Engine Power 263kW
Bucket Capacity 6.4m³