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The WA430 wheel loader sets new standards in traction and fuel consumption for machines of its class. With its combination of very high torque and advanced Komatsu power train technology, the WA430-6 delivers higher levels of performance than ever before. Whatever the job, the WA430-6 can handle it, thanks to its excellent tractive force and the high-power Closed Center Load Sensing System (CLSS). In addition, the SpaceCab™ offers outstanding operator comfort to match this performance. The WA430-6 has proven itself as a flexible and efficient machine for a wide range of loading and handling operations, including civil construction, local government, sales loading, concrete batch work, log handling, waste, and recycling.

WA430 Wheel Loader Features

Advanced Komatsu power train design

With its high-capacity torque converter, the completely redesigned Komatsu drive train offers optimum efficiency and an unparalleled rimpull-to-weight ratio. Delivering high rimpull at low speeds, it makes child’s play of heavy jobs like penetration of dense material such as aggregate. This means higher productivity in V-Shape loading, even in confined spaces. For Load & Carry applications, the WA430-6 also has plenty of acceleration and can achieve high speeds, even on grades or steep ramps leading to feed hoppers. Together, the enhanced engine torque characteristics and high-capacity torque converter put the WA430-6 at the top of its class.

Precision control with ease

The WA430-6 features variable-displacement pumps on both the hydraulic and steering systems. These pumps deliver the exact amount of oil required, dramatically improving fuel effi ciency. Komatsu’s CLSS hydraulics enables extremely precise control of the work equipment, and ensures that the bucket, boom and hydraulically driven attachments can all move smoothly at the same time.

Faster load & carry with optional torque converter lock-up

The optional torque converter lock-up system delivers unbeatable productivity and fuel efficiency in load & carry and short-distance transport applications. The operator can engage the system from 3rd to 4th gear. It noticeably increases travel speed, particularly when going uphill, thanks to the larger tractive force. At the same time, it eliminates converter losses signifi cantly reducing fuel consumption.

Wide tread and long wheelbase

A 2.280 mm wide tread and a long wheel base of 3.300 mm give the WA430-6 outstanding stability – enough to handle rough terrain and fast load & carry cycles with minimum spillage and maximum comfort. With 37º steering articulation to both sides, the WA430-6 is extremely manoeuvrable in tight spaces for faster loading cycles.

Superior dumping height and reach

The long lifting frame allows an enormous dumping height of 2.900 mm and a reach of 1.265 mm that is just as impressive (with 4,2 m³ stockpile bucket in combination with 26.5R25 tyres). With this working range, loading high-sided semi-trailers with a payload of 28 tonnes becomes child’s play.

For more information on how our WA430 wheel loader can be applied to your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 19,305Kg
Engine Power 172kW
Bucket Capacity 3.8m³