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The hydrostatic drive WA320 wheel loader features Komatsu’s PZ parallel-lift arm system with bucket capacities from 2.3-3.2 cu m, along with hydrostatic drive, for maximum versatility and productivity across loading, handling and lifting applications.

WA320 Wheel Loader Features

High-Performance Engine

Electronic Heavy Duty Common Rail fuel injection system provides optimum combustion of fuel. This system also provides fast throttle response to match the machine’s powerful tractive effort and fast hydraulic response.

Electronically-Controlled HST

The electronically-controlled HST consists of a 1-pump, 2-motor system. This system allows for high efficiency and high tractive effort. The HST provides quick travel response and aggressive drive into the pile. The variable displacement system automatically adjusts to the tractive effort demand to provide maximum power and efficiency.

Low Emission Engine

This engine is EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emissions certified, without sacrificing power or machine productivity.

Low Fuel Consumption

The high-torque engine and Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) with maximum efficiency in the low-speed range provide low fuel consumption.

Low-noise Design

The large cab is mounted with Komatsu’s unique ROPS/FOPS viscous mounts. The low-noise engine, hydraulically driven fan, and hydraulic pumps are mounted with rubber cushions, and the cab sealing is improved to provide a quiet, low-vibration, pressurized, and comfortable operating environment.

Easy-to-operate Loader Control Levers

A new levers using PPC (Proportional Pressure Control) allows the operator to easily operate the work equipment, to reduce operator fatigue and to increase controllability. The adjustable wrist rest provides the operator with a variety of comfortable operating positions.

High-rigidity Frames and Loader Linkage

The front and rear frames and the loader linkage have got more torsional rigidity to provide resistance increased to stresses. Frame and loader linkage are designed to accommodate actual working loads, and simulated computer testing proves its strength.

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Weight 15,480 Kg
Engine Power 123kW
Bucket Capacity 3m³