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This 12-tonne smooth drum roller is a medium-heavy vibratory soil compactor, designed for long working days in tough applications. All types of base courses and reinforcement courses can be compacted to a considerable depth. The 35mm thick drum ensures excellent resistance to wear – even in compaction operations on rockfill.

CA3500D Smooth Drum Roller Features

Save Fuel with ECO MODE

With ECO Mode enabled, the engine rpm is adjusted to be as low as possible while still maintaining the necessary power required for the given compaction parameters, in order to sustain compaction efficiency.

Save Even More Fuel with Seismic

Seismic automatically detects the natural frequency of the soil. It continuously adjusts to the frequency of drum system, resulting in up to 30% reduction of the required number of passes and additionally up to 35% reduction of fuel consumption compared to traditional compaction with fixed or manually adjusted frequency settings. In total, this feature requires up to 55% less fuel to complete the job.

Efficiency Eccentrics

Dynapac’s patented eccentric system reduces energy consumption required to initiate vibration, thus decreasing fuel consumption, and limiting wear and tear.

Phenomenal Gradeability

With Dynapac’s High Climb traction system, the machine can achieve 55% gradeability in both forward and reverse, which is ideal for compaction in trenches.

All Around Visibility

Dynapac’s range of Soil Compactors, provides the operator a perfect view over both working area and their surroundings. Dynapac has designed the structures to allow for vital site lines during operation. The sloping engine hood combined with the ability to see the front beam from operator’s station makes it easy to keep control of the machine.

Noise Reduction

Dynapac Roller’s are designed to limit the amount of noise emission transmitted to both the operator and the surroundings. The design of the operator’s platform and engine exhaust system, as well as the implementation of the ECO Mode and SEISMIC technology, minimises noise emissions.

For more information on how our 12-tonne smooth drum roller can be applied to your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 11,900Kg
Engine Power 97kW
Working Width 2130mm