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Our GD555-5 144 kW motor grader features outstanding visibility to the blade and work areas, as well as Komatsu’s unique dual-mode transmission system that provides the option of full powershift or lockup automatic torque converter.

GD555 Motor Grader Advanced Control Features

Power on Demand

Normally, the variable displacement pump idles at low output. When it senses a load requirement, the pump slides quick flow and pressure to match the demand. The result is less hydraulic system heat, quick response and lower fuel consumption. The bottom line is greater efficiency.

Implement Control Valves

Designed and built by Komatsu specifically for motor graders. The valves are direct acting and provide outstanding operator “feel” and predictable system response to precise implement control. To help maintain exact blade settings, lock valves are built into the hydraulic circuits. Relief valves are also incorporated into selected circuits to protect the cylinders from over-pressurisation.

Low Operating Effort

Implement controls are designed to reduce operator fatigue. They feature short lever throws and effort in both directions. Properly spaced control levers and short lever throws allow the operator to use multiple controls with one hand.

Blade Angle

A long wheel base allows the operator to obtain an aggressive moldboard angle. This large blade angle permits material to roll more freely along the blade, which reduces power requirements. This is particularly helpful in dry soil or clay or for snow and ice removal.

Balanced Flow

When the operator uses several controls at the same time, flow is proportional to ensure several implements can operate simultaneously.

Blade Protection System

Blade Lift Accumulators absorb shocks when the moldboard contacts immovable objects. This is especially useful in rough grading and rocky areas. It allows precise control while allowing relief from vertical impact loads. This option is most useful in applications where hidden objects are frequently encountered.

For more information on how GD-555 motor grader can be applied to your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 18120kg
Engine Power 144kW
Blade Width 12 foot