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The PC130 excavator suits clients who want durability, reliability, and productivity. This excavator is a smaller, entry-level machine that can handle a wide variety of utility work or small construction jobs. Equipped with rubber tracks and a reduced tail swing profile, it’s ideal for working alongside road traffic and in confined spaces.

What does our PC130 Excavator have to offer?

Working Modes Selectable

The PC130-8 excavator is equipped with five working modes (P, E, L, B and ATT mode). Each mode is designed to match engine speed and pump speed with the current application. This provides the flexibility to match equipment performance to the job at hand.

Low-noise Cab

The newly-designed cab is highly rigid and has excellent sound absorption ability. Thorough improvement of noise source reduction and use of low noise engine, hydraulic equipment, and air conditioner allows this machine to generate a low level of noise similar to that of a passenger car.

Large Digging Force

When press the left knob switch which is called the one-touch power max. switch and when it is kept pressed, this function temporarily increases digging force for 8.5 seconds of operation.

Larger Maximum Drawbar Pull

Larger maximum drawbar pull provides superb steering and slope climbing performance. Maximum drawbar pull: 122.6 kN 12500 kg

Low Emission Engine

Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5 is U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emissions certified.

Idling Caution

To prevent unnecessary fuel consumption, if the engine idles for 5 minutes or more, the monitor will display an idling caution.

ECO Gauge that Assists Energy-saving Operations

The ECO gauge on the right side of the multi-function color monitor provides environment-friendly energy-saving operation. Allows focus on operation in the green range with reduced CO2 emissions and efficient fuel consumption.

For more information on how our PC130 excavator can be applied to your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 13,000Kg
Engine Power 68kW
Bucket Capacity 0.67m³