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The HM400 dump truck is a 40-tonne capacity truck, powered by a new technology Komatsu engine and featuring our advanced truck transmission system, along with exclusive hydraulic braking and restarder systems for unrivalled traction, braking power, and safety in all applications. Selectable working modes for Economy and Power allow operators to adjust machine performance based on need and conditions.

Noteworthy HM400 Dump Truck Features

Large Capacity Body

The HM400-5 has a heaped body capacity of 24.0 m3. The low loading height of 3164 mm enables easy loading. The body is built of high strength, wear-resistant steel with a Brinell hardness of 400, providing excellent load stability. HM400’s frame employs a rigid box structure utilising high tensile strength steel – rugged enough for the toughest jobs.

Low Fuel Consumption

A variable displacement piston pump consumes engine power only as needed to eliminate unnecessary Power Take-Off (PTO) inefficiencies. Design improvements to the drive axles as well as the transmission have been implemented to reduce driveline parasitic losses. The electronic engine control has been updated with the inception of the SCR technology to conform to EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. All of these factors combine to allow for the new HM400 to operate at the same performance level as its predecessor while improving fuel efficiency. The quantity of diesel fuel and DEF consumed by the HM400-5 is less than the quantity of fuel alone consumed by the previous model.

Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown

In order to reduce unwanted idle time, Komatsu offers Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown. This function will shut the engine off and apply the parking brake and hydraulic lock after a preset idle time limit.

Selectable Working Modes

The operator can choose between two working modes, Economy Mode or Power Mode, depending on their work demand and conditions.

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Weight 40,000kg
Engine Power 353kW
Body Capacity 24m3