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Get the job done more quickly, comfortably, and professionally with our range of Bomag multi-tyred rollers. Designed to increase your efficiency, productivity and overall cost-effectiveness, these rollers are ideal for asphalt compaction on road construction sites.

BW27RH Multi-Tyred Rollers Features

Flexible weight adjustment

With ample ballast space, quick-change steel and concrete slabs, and an optional water tank, BOMAG pneumatic tyred rollers are the all-rounders on any construction site.

Maximum convenience and easy operation

The spacious ROPS cab, easily rotatable and sliding driver’s seat, highly responsive travel control and rocker brake with the same width as the driver’s stand provide maximum productivity and operating convenience.

Uniform compaction

  • 2 steering pivots with axle and wheel-hub oscillation
  • Full adaptation to uneven surfaces
  • Automatic tyre inflation system

Powerful drive

  • Reliable Deutz engine
  • 2 hydraulic motors
  • 2 multi-disc brakes for parking and dynamic service brake

BW28RH Multi-Tyred Rollers Features

Maximum comfort and ease of operation

  • Spacious ROPS cab
  • Easily rotatable and slidable driver’s seat
  • Highly responsive travel control
  • New type of “rocker brake” with the same width as the driver’s stand

Flexible weight adjustment

  • Large ballast compartment
  • Quickly changeable steel/concrete weights
  • Water ballast as an option

Superior surface quality

The three-way pivoting front axle ensures even weight distribution across all tyres. Optimum visibility of the outer tyre edges allows compaction closer to the track edge.

Unobstructed view

The modern frame design provides excellent all-around visibility as well as the best view of the wheel surfaces and the outer tyre edges.

To find the right multi-tyred roller for your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Operating Weight 13600Kg
Gross Weight 27000Kg
Working Width 2042mm