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Advanced Technology

The PC360LCi excavator by Komatsu sets new standards in construction equipment. It integrates intelligent machine control (iMC) for top-notch efficiency and precision. The iMC system uses 3D design data and GPS technology. This ensures the excavator automatically adjusts its boom, arm, and bucket movements to maintain precise grades.

Increased Productivity

The PC360LCi eliminates the need for grade stakes and manual checks. This boosts productivity by reducing over-digging and rework. Operators see real-time data on bucket position relative to target grades. This feedback allows them to work confidently and achieve precise results.

Improved Safety

The iMC system enhances safety by preventing costly mistakes. It optimizes fuel efficiency, cutting operating costs. The PC360LCi’s powerful engine and hydraulic system deliver strong performance and fast cycle times. It excels in various applications, including trenching, digging, and loading.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the PC360LCi is simple. Accessible service points and durable components minimize downtime. This ensures the excavator stays operational longer.

Operator Comfort

The PC360LCi prioritizes operator comfort. Its spacious cab features ergonomic controls, adjustable seats, and excellent visibility. Operators can work efficiently and comfortably, even during long shifts.

The PC360LCi redefines excavator technology. It combines Komatsu’s reliability with cutting-edge automation. This enhances construction productivity and profitability. Whether on large-scale earthmoving projects or urban developments, the PC360LCi is a dependable and efficient partner. Achieve construction goals with precision and speed.

For more information on how a PC360LCi excavator can be applied to your site, call our friendly team or submit an online enquiry.

Weight 35,950 – 37,440Kg
Engine Power 192kW
Bucket Capacity 0.53 – 1.80m³